Romina Slafkovskß
Wellferine┤s art
The neverless Dreamer

Wellferine┤s art

The neverless Dreamer


About Me

Hello, My name is Romina, but people know me like Wellferine. Now I am on university.
I draw book or story illustrations, of illustrations of my on own world.I 've got a series with name "Strange girls" in slovak "Moje ×eny", then autumn series and other works.
If you want something you can contact me on my e-mail address.
Techniques I work with: Ink, watercolors, Indian ink, aquarell crayon, crayon, pencils, progresso, joconda.

Krač˙ň 2009
Where: Bßnovce nad Bebravou, MKsk, Slovakia
When: 29.december 2009
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